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To improve competitiveness, it is vital for education and business to work together to ensure that young people are better prepared for the world of work, with the necessary skills and motivation.

We aspire to offer the greatest opportunities for young people to develop for themselves: self-confidence, practical skills, personal interaction, leadership qualities and to experience work place ethos and practices. We achieve these aims by tutoring in Powerboat renovation, bicycle maintenance, e-bike production and conversions, e-trike production and motorcycle refurbishment. We are also in the process of becoming a City & Guilds approved training centre for Cycle Mechanics level 1 and 2.

We have consulted with many social groups and individuals for their opinion of our proposed e-bike tours project and all have intimated that the project is worthwhile. The feedback we have received confirms that many people who would be interested in attending a cycle tour do not have access to a bicycle and in this economic climate do not have excess financial resources to obtain one.

The educational system pays little attention to dexterous abilities and concentrates on academic fortitude. We aim to assist those unfortunates who have slipped through the academic net. We will realise their particular skills and talents, developing them in order to maximise their future potential and destiny.

We are starting e-bike tours in spring 2023 to encourage people who lack the physical stamina or finances to participate in cycling under the supervision of our leaders trained by Cycle Scotland. We also found that a number of individuals had lost (to a degree) their sense of balance and would not be confident or capable of riding a bicycle, so we have developed and produced an e-tricycle to accommodate these individuals to enjoy cycling and benefit from the health and wellbeing it brings.

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