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About Us

Vital Spark racing is a community interest company based in Alloa, Scotland which was launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak. We noticed that crime, drug, alcohol misuse was severely increasing around Alloa and the surrounding areas. During our research we discovered that lower social class areas also had the highest deprivation, including high unemployment and higher crime rates, suicide and mental illness.

Statistics revealed that the highest majority of people aged between 17- 34 years are the most vulnerable.

Alarming, as the statistics revealed 17-34 year olds had not attended school or college on a regular basis. Neither did they have any qualifications.

Our empathy, dedication is to take clients on, train them in various skills through a positive, enjoyable learning environment, which enhances their future for employment, whilst releasing their full potential.

The principle people we are trying to help are affected by one or more of the following:

•           Unemployment.

•           Affected by drugs and / or alcohol.

•           Social isolation and loneliness.

•           Wellbeing and mental health.

Vital Spark Racing C.I.C. is a social enterprise company based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire with an aim to offer a practical workshop course in powerboat building which will benefit, support and empower disadvantaged young people in the Clackmannanshire region. This course will offer the clients the opportunity to gain self-confidence, work experience and a company reference to assist towards a productive future.
We have recently been granted funding from Firstport to initiate a pilot project to illustrate the viability of the venture.

The principal Directors are John Young, an experience offshore powerboat racer who won the National Championships three times and set 6 National speed records in his class, Melanie Forrest who has a vast experience of working and living on her canal boat and Daniel Drummond, our most recent addition to the company.

The clients will be in the age group of 18 – 25 (but not excluding older applicants) and will be from a background that hampers them from employment, whether lacking skills, confidence to interact with co-workers or any other personal disadvantages. The course duration is still to be established, but it is considered that a 3 month placement may be the most advantageous for the clients and Vital Spark Racing C.I.C to enable the most beneficial references for the clients.

The clients will become part of a team initially renovating the 1988 Shakespeare Swallow 550 back to her original specifications. Once the boat is fully restored and fitted out, the clients will be part of the team launching and testing it on the river Forth giving them the chance to experience of operating a powerboat (few people in Clackmannanshire will have ever had this opportunity), and can appreciate their own achievement in starting with an old and dilapidated craft and turning it into an exceptional finished product.

The final aspect of the course for the clients will be to promote the new boat through internet advertising, deal with potential purchasers and lastly to sell it. All proceeds of sale would be reinvested back into the business to subsidize future courses.

Vital Spark Racing C.I.C. will be acquiring all purchases (where possible) from small local businesses in an effort to support the local economic environment.



Even without the covid-19 outbreak, most of the government recommendations would have been instigated in our workshop procedures. All clients would also be under constant supervision who is fully conversant with all safety regulations and requirements:-
• Clients would not be working together, but as part of the learning process and working on different parts of the project..
• Client PPE for boat renovation would always be worn and exceeds government guidelines due to the nature of involvement and substances being handled.

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